Saturday, October 11, 2008

"thank you, thank you, thank you" said like Gran

Alright, today was better than Christmas! I went to tech training hoping they would have mail for us because they haven't delivered any in over two weeks, and when I got there not only did I get mail, but there were 3 packages and even more letters! WAHOO! Thank you for all the fun birthday surprises, and Halloween treats, and everything else. All the pictures are hanging up in my room, (yes Nick, even your jungle baby song), and every time I look at all the cards and drawings I can't help but smile. Ya'll definitely made it a birthday to remember.

The day got even better and better after that. Class ended short, which is good no matter what continent you're on, and I got some new books from the packages, so I went down to the Boulevard and read. I love days like that.

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