Monday, October 13, 2008

Community Project

Our training groups are preparing for our community project. The community project is something that we have been planning for over a month, and is basically our opportunity to put everything we've learned so far into practice and give back to the schools that have been letting us come into their classrooms and work. After doing this assessment called PACA (which is quickly replacing the ESOL binder I had to do in college, in regards to how much I don't like to learn about it) we learned more about the school and its needs.

The project our school decided on was to do a teacher worshop about the top three priorities they expressed: reading, writing, and drama. We've broken it up so that each topic gets about an hour and a half, two mariendas (snack time), an hour lunch, and then we're out of there. I'm working on the writing componen. I've been pulling out all my old resources from college and all the tips I ever learned from Florida Writes. The big presentation is on October 21st, so we still have a little time to finish everything up. I hope it all goes well. That would be a good start and motivator for all the other projects we'll be working on during the next two years.

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