Friday, February 27, 2009

My Secret Unicorn

Funny book stories... well at least they were funny to me, who has been breathing books 24/7 for the past 2 weeks.

First, one of the books sent in the last box of books (which arrived yesterday night, from my parents) was The Night Before Christmas. It was one of the old Little Golden Books, a tale that most Americans can probably quote the first few lines verbatim. The kids were looking through the books, and one girl, Diane, happened to choose this particular book. She came up and asked me, "what does this word mean?" The word was chimney. True, Filipinos are constantly using fires for cooking where we are, but chimney is just not an everyday word used. It just reminded me how things can be so different sometimes.

Next story, another girl had read one of the books that came earlier, titled something like The Magical Unicorn. I can't remember if that was the exact title, but it was definitely something with an intense sense of magical fantasy... something any girly girl would probably thrive off of. She had found a page in the book that previewed a sequal to come, titled My Secret Unicorn, and she told me how she really wanted to read it. I told her I'd try to get a copy, but it would probably take a while to find one. I happened to find one though when I was going through some of the new books, so I was really excited to tell the girl that it would be at school on Monday for her. She was so happy, gave me a huge smile, and left the library for the weekend. Literally about 2 steps behind the girl, a boy from second year stops and looks at me, with the most hopeful looking eyes ever and asks, "Really, there's My Secret Unicorn?" I tell him yes, and ask if he'd like to borrow it when the girl is finished reading it. He has a huge smile when he tells me, "Oh, yes ma'am!"

haha, so great.

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