Friday, February 13, 2009

Never Again

Never again will I use pre-made Valentine's Day cards, because getting the homemade kind is so much better! The kids passed out their cards today at school, and it was all around one of the best days ever.

My first year students, who I teach the most, gave me cards decorated with silk flowers, glitter, felt, and colored paper that literally made me have one of Jasmine's "Lenny moments," when I had to try and refrain myself from squeezing them to death in a hug. Too cute.

The two cards that surprised me though were from 2 boys in the second year... my "always add of paper" boys. They always make me laugh, and I think I might actually be more than a big joke to them cause one wrote in his card,

"Dear Ms. Hoover, Thank you for appreciating me when I got the correct answer in your discussion. I wish you all the best in this Valentines and I hope that on this day your heart is filled of happiness and love. Your student, Rainier"

Yep, probably the best Valentine's Day ever.

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Kindie said...

AWWWWW!!!!! How can any guy ever top that Valentine's day card?? That is probably the sweetest thing ever.