Thursday, February 19, 2009

We shall see

I was wrong. Yet another misunderstanding. Jundie didn't have polio. The new story is that he has hemophilia. I'm not sure what to believe, so I've decided to just deal with the facts and observations that I know from my own personal experience: Jundie is 19, his legs are partially paralyzed, he's in extreme pain, he has the best smile ever known to man, and he's moved back to the mountains to stay with his parents because the pain is so bad he can't go to school.

I got my hostmom #2, who is a nurse, to get a truck to drive us to the outer barangay of town where Jundie lives. It's a really difficult drive, and even more difficult to get a truck available (PS. Thanks PC for the rediculous rule of no motorbikes when that's the way all Filipnos travel!). When we got to the house Jundie was in bed, and I was so excited to see him! I brought him some books to read, and told him that was his homework until he could get back to school. He was afraid that he wasn't going to get to school before the fourth quarter finals. What a cool kid to be nervous about not being able to take a test and care about his education.

So, on one hand amazing day because I got to go to a barangay that I'd never been to before and see Jundie. On the other hand, it's not so cool to see somebody in pain and not have a way to relieve it. Today was the first time I ever wished I had finished nursing school so that I would have some inkling of what could be done. Something will happen though, it always does, and hopefully it will be Jundie being able to return to town soon for school, or me being able to go up and tutor him every weekend. We shall see.

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