Friday, August 13, 2010

Bahala Na

Dear Bahala Na,

I'm going to be honest and upfront and just say it, sometimes I don't like you.

Oh, I'll admit there are times when I say your name. The bus is late, "Bahala Na." I have laundry to do, but the water is turned off, "Bahala Na." Brown out, "Bahala Na." You're a comforting thing to say when I accept that there's nothing I personally can do to solve the situation, so yes, "Bahala Na," I will let God take control of it. Why stress? You're a close relation to Timon and Pumba's "Hakuna Matata," and Big Mouth Billy Bass' "Don't Worry, Be Happy," and I like that, you're just missing your own catchy song.

But man, there are some times I just want to turn around and shout, "Dude, who invited you to this party?!" You're an expression that people say when they come to a metaphorical wall and are resigned to just stand there without getting a ladder to climb over, or better yet, a stack of dynamite to blow the obstacle to smithereens. Instead they'll just accept that they can't go further, shout out "Bahala Na," and forget about the goal or greener pastures that were on the other side of the wall. Sometimes I feel like you're a dream killer, Bahala Na. You're an excuse that turns to laziness; a reason to accept second, third, or even fourth best. Sometimes, you're a crutch that I find myself saying when I could just work harder and not have to call out your name.

You visited me this week, and I really wish you hadn't. Test scores were not what I was hoping for, "Bahala Na." No, not "Bahala Na." I will work harder. Enough said.

I'll give you this, you have great potential Bahala Na. Instead of taking anti-depressants or having panic attacks, we could just say your name and trust in God because we can't control everything in our lives. But really, you need to shape up and remember what you're really for.

Connie Sue

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Schellhase said...

You should send this to the Kwan.