Thursday, August 19, 2010

i got the seniorirtis

Senioritis. It's what seniors get in high school during the last part of their final year before they become, as my dad likes to say, "just one of the statistics (aka unemployed adults.)" I had it then, I had it during my last part of college. And yeah, I have it now during my last part of Peace Corps. But I think, dare I say it, my case is even more severe this time around!

I'm a countdown kind of girl. Let me describe my geekiness for you. I started counting down the days until my COS (close of service... last day of Peace Corps) waaaaay back, at around day 150; here's where my brilliant geekiness shines through. I don't just count the days, I make it into a game. I make myself not look at the calendar just so that I loose track of the days, and then when I finally do let myself recount the remaining days, it makes it feel like I'm so much closer because I got to skip all those inbetween days. Did I really get to skip all those days? No, but I have to make a little excitement for myself!

The tricky thing is, I know I'm going to miss my site once I return home. I'll miss my host family and co-teachers, and I'll definitely miss my students. It's kind of confusing to be so excited for something, but then know that once I'm on the other side of the Pacific I'll still be counting days till I'm able to come back for a visit.

But one countdown at a time, and for now, 63 days till COS.

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