Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fact: Chow King has the best halo halo.

Halo halo.

Can I say its changed my life in the most serious tone and not be over dramatic? I guess if you say it like "an angel's halo" you may think I'm referring to some type of religious epiphany or something. That may deserve a "changed my life" statement. But then if you say it like I mean it, "hollow, hollow" you would have to find out that I'm referring to a shaved ice dessert, and yes... yes, that would be over dramatic. Ha, whatever, it's the love of my life!

Halo halo means "mixed-mixed," and that is exactly what it is. You start with a foundation of crushed/shaved ice. Then you traditionally add evaporated milk, but if you like it sweet, just pour on the condensed milk. Then the mix-mix comes in. If you have the jackfruit, add the jack fruit. If you have the nata de coco (really stiff jello type material) throw it in. Why wouldn't you had some red beans or corn in if you have it lying around? Buko (young coconut) is delightful on halo halo. And if you throw in the buko, don't forget banana and rice krispies and leche flan... oh the leche flan!! And then, to really make it "fiesta halo halo," go ahead and throw on a scoop or two of ice cream on top.

The funny thing, no cherry on top! Ha, I know, beans and corn galore, but I've never seen a cherry on a halo halo. Weird!


Loren said...

I have this one particular Thai restaurant in town that is AMAZING and they make sticky rice that's pretty good.. I asked if they could make Halo-Halo one day and the guy (who is Thai) was like "No! But I wish! Yummm" Which gave me hope that maybe they'll have it some day.

Connie Hoover said...

it definitely needs to make an appearance stateside!! :)