Wednesday, August 4, 2010

what's on my mind

a. 78 days till i come home. b. i wish i had a can of chocolate frosting in the refridgerator right now. c. they play doogie howser here once a week, and i love it. d. i can't imagine the last two years without having michael jackson, taylor swift, and lady gaga in them. e. if you want to change the world, wear a condom and volunteer to read a book to a kid everyday. f. georgia or florida? g. do i take the plane ticket to america or the cash in lieu? h. i came to the philippines a young 22 and will leave an ancient 25. i. graduate school right away or finally work in an american classroom for the first time to gain experience? j. i want me some tijuana flats. k. it's the rainy season here, and so the mold grows, and then the allergies come to life. l. i like that i get a text from the postmaster whenever i get mail. m. rambutan. look it up, love it. n. no, the classrooms here are not airconditioned, and some of them don't have electricity. o. i love glee. p. australia is supposed to be needing english teachers. q. i have way too much laundry that needs to be done and not enough sunshine to dry it all. r. any leads on public schools hiring a "hard working, optimistic, committed to the job, returning peace corps volunteer" in the florida/georgia area after the holiday break? s. i need to sit down and write my description of service. t. if fazoli's is closed, where do you eat lunch after vbs? u. from my room right now, i can hear a group of people walking from house to house singing a prayer and playing guitar. v. facebook has taken over the town i live in. w. here you still say things like, "give my regards to so-and-so." x. i'm excited to be able to drive again... but not so excited to pay for gasoline and car insurance. y. this week my mom reminded me that i'm going to have to stop calling airconditioning "aircon" and after going to thailand with my friends i realized i can't hiss at waiters to get their attention anymore nor can i use my teeth to open plastic bags as has become the norm for me. z. ha, yep, hissing and using my teeth to open things, i am so classy folks!


Josh and Sarah said...

Um, Georgia! And, work experience, in Dekalb County pllllllease!!!

Kindra said...

I was so excited to use my car again, and I'm now on my third tank of gas in 9 days. It's not so cool anymore. Italy did teach me how to go sweaty and live with it, so I may just start biking places to avoid paying for gas.

wisekris said...

oh whatever i use my teeth to open bags here. Riding the bus has actually been great you should try it when you get back... and lets get some tijiuna together :)