Friday, August 13, 2010

big laugh.

i was in my first year class last week, which has a boys on one side-girls on the other seating arrangement. after prompting the class for an answer, students had to raise their hands once they knew the answer. 3/4 of the girls had their hands up, but the boys only had around 1/4. i ask, "boys, come one, are the girls smarter today?" one boy's answers with a flat out, "yes." we all started to laugh.

later that day, i was walking back to my host family's house for lunch when i overheard a boy, this little short guy, from that same first year class as above, singing the song destiny to himself as he walked. i started listening when he came to the "you and i were meant to be, with all my heart and soul, i give my love to have and hold, as far as i can see, you were always meant to be, my destiny."

big smile.

OH, and happy 2 year anniversary. today marks the day i left sunny florida to start my adventure in the even sunnier philippines. and it also brings me to day 69 in the return to home countdown!

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Kindra said...

Oh my goodness. Can you record the kid singing and send it over here!? How stinkin' cute!!