Tuesday, August 10, 2010

High Speed

soooo... with the coming of the long awaited landline, comes somewhat of a tranformation to the small munipality that I'm living in. One of them, Facebook has taken on a life of its own! I literally have over a hundred Facebook friend requests from students sitting in my friend request box. (which will be accepted in October, when I'm not your teacher :) )

Another recent discovery... this blog! I'm getting this a lot around town, "I saw your blog!!" Which is when I get this nervous smile and say something like, OH, I hope you liked it...! I try to keep the blog about the optimistic reality as I see it, but I worry that my forienger's perspective may offend somebody. I apalogize now if it does; I mean no harm. It's only been positive reviews so far though, so that's good.

With my outsider's perspective, I'd say Internet is definitely changing the pace of our town. I saw one student yesterday doing a speedwalk, that would make all those early morning mall walkers jealous, as she was weaving in and out of the large group of students leaving the school for the day. Why such a rush? She wanted to be one of the first students in line at the Internet cafe. Her super fast speedwalking though, dodging innocent bystanders, too funny!

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